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When was Direct Commerce founded?

Direct Commerce was originally founded as Direct Commerce in 1999 in San Francisco, California.

What is your core solution?

We offer hosted P2P solution that automates the delivery of purchase orders, invoices and payment information between large “Buyer” customers and their many suppliers.

What are the primary products you offer to your customers?

We provide products in the areas of electronic invoicing, order management, discount management, dispute resolution, & vendor management.

How do buyers and suppliers access the Direct Commerce Platform?

We use a SaaS (Software as a service) model, where customers and their suppliers can access our tools via the Web using any browser.

How are invoices received using the Direct Commerce Platform?

Invoices can be received in multiple formats, including e-Invoice, PO-flip, XML, EDI and a number of other formats.

What happens to the invoice once it is submitted?

Once in the system, the invoice is validated against ERP data and matched to a purchase order and/or receipt documents. If the pre-configured “validation” rules are met, the invoice goes into an automated approval workflow, if not; a separate workflow kicks in to resolve any errors or discrepancies

Can buyers and suppliers check the status of an invoice?

The Direct Commerce Platform offers both a buyer and a supplier portal, allowing users to check the status of POs, invoices, payments and to resolve disputes, approve invoices, or create e-Invoices.

Does Direct Commerce charge suppliers to use the system?

Direct Commerce does NOT charge suppliers to use the system.

What ERP systems are Direct Commerce compatible with?

The Direct Commerce Platform is fully compatible with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and a number of other major ERP systems.