Finance Transformation Conference Brief

The 11th Annual Finance Transformation Forum in Dallas, Texas included two intensive days with over 100 leading transformation executives sharing best practives, innovate and solving common challenges. Key topics of this brief included optimizing the performance of finance teams, developing a process-focused vision leveraging technology, and providing better data and making it easily accessible to the people who need it most, while implementing a strong governance structure and investing in data security.

Optimizing Supplier Discounts

A well-deployed dynamic discounting program enables buying organizations to strengthen relationships with suppliers and at the same time make best use of working capital. This white paper discusses four key best practices essential to optimizing dynamic discounting across your organization.

Implications for Data Security and Access Control

There are a variety of approaches to implementing procure-to-pay (P2P) automation solutions. This white paper discusses security ramifications to consider before selecting the best P2P automation approach for your business.

10 Secrets to Doing Dynamic Discounting Right

If you get dynamic discounting right, you can be saving your company $13 million per billion of spend. This webinar presents 10 useful secrets to help your journey.

The Business Case for AP Automation

Direct Commerce client data indicates that fully automated invoice processing can be lower than $0.50 per invoice – a 98% reduction in cost. This white paper discusses how to generate a visible ROI and enable long-term process improvements .