Billy Williams

Billy Williams

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Billy Williams’ engineering skills drove the development of Direct Commerce’s original product platform.

Since joining in 2000, Billy has directed a team of Direct Commerce project managers, designers and developers to create the Company’s core infrastructure, key interfaces, and application functionality. He is an integral member of the Company’s leadership team.

Prior to Direct Commerce, Billy worked at Sage IT Partners as chief technical architect.  He also contributed and wrote technical specifications that helped create standards for XML-based electronic invoicing, such as the Sandia Rapid e-Invoice format, which helps companies go paperless.

Billy is excited to see the development and adoption of private “cloud” technologies in industry.  By utilizing advanced hardware and software in a private, secured cloud environment, forward-thinking companies like Salesforce, Google and Direct Commerce can now offer incredibly rich, reliable applications to customers in a fraction of the time and cost.  Billy is delighted that his customers are freed from IT constraints and can enjoy the Company’s best-of-breed hosted applications.

Billy graduated with honors from LaSalle University and received his Masters in International Business Studies from University of South Carolina. He also attended Université de Fribourg, Switzerland, and completed German-language training in Cologne, Germany.

When not immersed in his work, Billy can be found rowing competitively or spending time with his daughter and wife riding bikes in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.