Here is a great place to search for answers to the most frequently asked questions about solutions that Direct Commerce offers.

What are the primary products Direct Commerce offers to customers?

Direct Commerce provides robust, innovative P2P solutions to Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Lockheed Martin, Eli Lilly & Company, The Home Depot, Univar Corporation and more. After being founded in 2000, our platform quickly became the most reliable, easy-to-use P2P solution available and remains that way today. The solutions available include electronic invoicing, order management, high volume EDI services, discount management, dispute resolution, vendor management, and supplier onboarding. In addition, one of the unique aspects of our product offering is that it can be configured to meet your specific business requirements. By leveraging these solutions, our customers have saved millions of dollars and moved toward a paperless work environment.

How do buyers and suppliers access the Direct Commerce Portal?

We use a Saas (Software as a Service) model. Our solutions are deployed via a cloud-based Self-Service Portal that vendors and employees can quickly and securely access via the web using any browser.

How is an invoice handled in the Direct Commerce Portal?

The Direct Commerce Portal can support a wide variety of data integration options, spanning from file-based integration in virtually any format (EDI, XML, CSV, or proprietary) and protocol (FTP, Secured FTP, HTTPs etc.) to on-premise “adapter” packages that we can provide to assist with the integrations with your systems. Once received in the system, invoices are validated against ERP data and matched to a purchase order and/or receipt documents. If the pre-configured validation rules are met, the invoice goes into an automated approval workflow. If the rules are not met, a separate workflow is employed to resolve any errors or discrepancies.

Can buyers and suppliers check the status of an invoice?

The Direct Commerce Portal offers both a buyer and a supplier portal, allowing users to check the status of POs, invoices, payments and to resolve disputes, approve invoices, or create invoices. To ensure suppliers are able to access the portal, Direct Commerce offers result-oriented Supplier Onboarding Services to enroll suppliers, train users, and monitor their progress.

Does Direct Commerce charge suppliers to use the system?

Direct Commerce does NOT charge suppliers to use the system.

What ERP systems are the Direct Commerce Portal compatible with?

The Direct Commerce Portal can integrate with most any ERP systems and 3rd party systems, including SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Lawson, JD Edwards and others. Our engineering integration process is robust and we make it very easy for your IT team to work with our solutions. We will work with to determine the preferred transport mechanism and file format and configure our system to integrate through by any desired integration method that you propose.