Overcome the Symptoms of Ineffective S2P Processes

By automating S2P processes with Direct Commerce, life sciences companies can achieve a more strategic, growth mindset, while focusing more energy on getting breakthrough medical treatments to market faster.

Streamlining workflows and channeling suppliers through a centralized portal makes it easy to standardize procurement, pricing, and payments, quickly bring on new offices or business units, and save millions of dollars a year through operational efficiencies and discounted payments.

Designed to help life sciences companies compete more effectively, the Direct Commerce Life Sciences Automation Suite enables the rapid integration of state-of-the-art automation across the existing business environment.

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Electronic invoice processing capacity


Supplier adoption


Typical reduction in inventory errors


Potential resource reallocation via help desk automation

Weeks —> Days

Time reduction for month-end close

.2% of Spend

Expected cost savings from dynamic discounting

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Life Sciences Automation Suite Highlights


Sourcing & Procurement

  • Manage changes to supplies and equipment in real time
  • Gain visibility into unapproved products or substitutions at time of delivery
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Supplier Management

  • Ensure that suppliers have appropriate tax, licensing, and safety documentation
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AP Automation

  • Create a paperless environment and free up corporate resources through eInvoicing
  • Pre-approve and immediately apply invoices and credits for all supplier shipments
  • Reduce supplier inquiries and increase supplier self-service
  • Use mobile technology to recognize, acknowledge, and apply invoices and receipts: No more piles of paper to be input later
  • Streamline dispute processes to rapidly resolve mismatches, instead of paying discrepancies because reconciliation is too complicated
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  • Improve working capital forecasts and savings with dynamic discounting
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Reporting & Analytics

  • Make better decisions using accurate, real-time data and custom dashboards
  • Utilize S2P data—from one source—for insights into supplier fulfilment rates, product pricing variances, qualitative judgments, payment term variances, and cost management
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