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Stay Up to Date with Every Supplier

The Direct Commerce supplier management solution improves data accuracy and compliance, removes duplication, and keeps your supplier profiles updated in real time. 

When a supplier makes a change, your ERP system is automatically updated, and the change is archived in a history section that tracks all changes made to supplier accounts.

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Solution Highlights


Supplier Onboarding

Direct Commerce offers a comprehensive approach to ensure a timely, smooth, and efficient implementation with the highest supplier adoption possible.

Our experienced supplier rollout team gains supplier trust and adoption by follows these four steps:

1. Needs assessment
2. Requirements definition
3. Testing
4. Training 



TIN Check 
Eliminate manual work and avoid fines up to $520. The TIN Check feature automatically verifies that the supplier Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) used in your forms are correct. 

Supplier Screening (OFAC)
Organizations that do business with entities sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) can face serious consequences, such as a transfer of assets to a Specially Designated National, an enforcement action against your business, and negative publicity.

Direct Commerce can make sure that banks and other businesses comply with OFAC regulations, by automatically scanning your supplier database against OFAC sanctions lists.

Legal Invoicing
Automate the processing of legal invoices submitted by outside suppliers, so your legal professionals can improve efficiency and decision-making.

The software runs in a secure, web-hosted environment, which enables legal personnel to track and manage legal matters, review and approve invoices, access categorized spend reports, deliver purchase orders, and publish payment information. 

Reporting and spend-tracking capabilities provide cost analysis reports, categorized by law firm, matter, and task performed. Non-financial reporting adds the ability to do qualitative reviews of suppliers.


Supplier Workflow

Direct Commerce offers a set of rules-driven and secure processes that facilitate productive collaboration between your suppliers and employees. 

These processes support automatic escalations, timeout notifications, custom timeout actions, and audit trail logging, to support a comprehensive approach to supplier onboarding and profile management.

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