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Reap the Rewards of a Fully-Automated, Paperless,
and Transformative AP Environment

Our fully integrated solution is far superior to manual data entry, scanning, and temporary (and potentially more risky) solutions like robotic process automation (RPA).

Having a great solution, however, means nothing if your suppliers aren’t using it. Direct Commerce experts will deploy a comprehensive and successful Supplier Onboarding program from day one, ensuring that you and your suppliers are working together to fully automate invoices, improve communication and information flow, eliminate dispute frustrations, and put an end to the unnecessary costs of paper processing and scanning.

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Solution Highlights


Supplier Portal

The Direct Commerce Supplier Portal enables more efficient communication with suppliers, improves the management of critical data, and allows for greater control of receivables. 

By letting authorized users look up information, query document data, and communicate with you securely, this self-service, web-based interface reduces your supplier support costs and tracks and records activity for greater visibility and documentation. 


  • A flexible platform for eInvoicing, order management, discount management, and more
  • A searchable database of current and previous POs, invoices, and payments 
  • Invoice status reports
  • Document imaging, printing, and forwarding capabilities
  • Downloadable listing screens
  • Configurable notifications


With Direct Commerce, you can automate the delivery of invoices from your global supplier community, without the need for costly IT investments or complex infrastructure changes.

eInvoicing allows suppliers and employees to enter invoices, check requests, and P-Card transactions into a central system, where they’re electronically matched against purchasing and receiving information. The system also supports invoice delivery by email, fax, or XML to recipients outside the Direct Commerce network. 

Within the secure system, authorized users can check the status of an invoice and track its progress through the reconciliation and approval process. Invoices are routed and delivered into your accounting system—according to your specific business rules—and suppliers receive notifications as invoices are approved for payment.


Invoice Workflow

Automate approval and review processes so invoices, check requests, and P-Card transactions can be processed, routed, encoded, and released for payment quickly and seamlessly. 

Electronically available documents—securely hosted in a shared-services center with all related purchasing, invoicing, receiving, and payment information—reduce processing times, decrease errors, and boost operational efficiency across your entire organization.

The Workflow module from Direct Commerce eliminates paper processing and provides real-time, accurate information. Authorized users can check the status of any document and track its progress via the web portal. Suppliers receive notifications as documents move through the process, such as when purchase orders are changed, invoices are approved or denied, and P-Card transactions are cleared.


EDI Integration

Our secure and validated electronic data interchange eliminates paper invoices, bills of lading, purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, advance shipping notifications, and other documents.

This feature securely automates document submission and storage, in an environment that validates information to ensure completeness and accuracy before acceptance.

EDI translation software, connectivity, and data mapping are all done through Direct Commerce, which monitors transmissions as a managed service.


Hosted Imaging

For companies with certain suppliers who prefer not to submit electronic documents, Direct Commerce offers a cost-effective hosted imaging service. This service ensures that any paper documents received will be scanned, indexed, and entered so data can be accessed by your team electronically.


Dispute Management

Direct Commerce gives you a simple way to improve communication and resolve issues quickly and fairly. Our data synchronization technology enables a single source for electronic invoice activity, document histories, and workflows, and helps remove the hassles associated with chargebacks, RTVs, PODs, attachments, fax attachments, and bills of lading.

Suppliers can submit disputed invoices based on pre-established rules, and you can quickly review related information to approve or deny payment. Establishing supplier submission rules before disputes are initiated eliminates unacceptable requests and rework, and reporting features enable you to exceed Service Level Agreements.

Automatic status notifications keep the process moving forward until issues are resolved, and your suppliers can always log into the portal to review dispute status and get questions answered without having to call you.



If your suppliers have general questions, Direct Commerce makes it easy for them to find information and answers in the Supplier Portal. In instances where suppliers need to reach out to you, our online help desk centralizes and tracks all service and support questions, so you can resolve issues quickly and use data to learn how to minimize future inquiries.

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