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Accelerate Your Business with Accounts Payable Software

In a world where the cost of doing business continues to grow, companies have an opportunity to transform their business processes to lower costs, improve business functions, and enhance relationships across their supply chain. AP Automation is a key value driver, driving new, automated processes that deliver value to stakeholders across the supply chain.

AP automation drives down costs and enhances supplier relationships by transforming the way you transact, interact, and collaborate with suppliers in your accounts payable process. By automating transactions like invoices, matching, disputes, and reporting, you’ll be able to dramatically speed up your time-to-close, lower costs, eliminate bad data, and improve compliance in a secure, hosted environment.

Direct Commerce’s AP automation software enables your company to transition from manual work to digital automation in order to gain efficiency, strengthen financials, and scale your business.

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Streamline Your Operations with AP Automation Software

Processing invoices manually can cost $9.25 per invoice on average, according to a recent study. Direct Commerce can drive those costs down dramatically – our client data indicates that automating your AP processes with Direct Commerce can lower that to as low as $0.50 per invoice. When you have millions of invoices, those savings add up to significant ROI.

Invoice processing is just one of the many areas of your AP process that can be automated to streamline how you work with your suppliers. Automation can also be implemented for workflows and approvals, automated supplier communication, data entry, coding, matching and verifying invoice and PO information, and more.

With fast and flexible solutions, organizations can experience rapid savings by removing manual tasks and improving the efficiency of their processes. In fact, you can see significant ROI just by implementing modules that address your organization’s most critical needs.

Whatever your organization needs, Direct Commerce offers a composable approach to suit your organization’s unique situation. Need a world-class solution for automated invoice capture and processing? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe your biggest challenge is the volume of disputes in your AP process handled by a large AP team? Our Dispute Management solution will eliminate the pain in your dispute process. Direct Commerce’s modules can be customized to integrate with your existing systems and fit your needs.

All-In-One End-to-End Accounts Payable Software

Direct Commerce AP Automation delivers value across your accounts payable process by providing solutions for key areas of AP success.

Invoice Automation
Discount Management
Dispute Resolution
Vendor Management
Supplier Portal
Reporting & Data Engine
Order Management

Supplier Portal

The Direct Commerce Supplier Portal enables more efficient collaboration with suppliers, improves the management, access and communication of critical data, and allows for greater control of receivables.

By giving authorized users 24/7 access to the portal, suppliers and AP processors can self-service their own research, query document data, and communicate with you securely. This self-service, web-based interface reduces your supplier support costs and tracks and records activity for greater visibility and documentation.

Invoice Automation

With Direct Commerce, you can automate the delivery of invoices from your global supplier community without the need for costly IT investments or complex infrastructure changes.

Direct Commerce Invoice Automation allows suppliers and employees to submit and collaborate on invoices, check requests, and P-Card transactions in one unified environment where they’re electronically matched against purchasing and receiving information. The system also supports invoice capture and processing for invoices submitted over email, fax, through post, or in file upload formats such as XML or EDI.

Within the hosted, secure system, authorized users can check the status of invoices and track their progress through the reconciliation and approval process. Invoices are routed and delivered into your accounting system — according to your specific business rules — and suppliers receive notifications as invoices are approved for payment or require their input for your further processing.

File Transfer
Emailed PDF

Configurable Invoice Workflows

Automate approval and review processes so invoices, check requests, and P-Card transactions can be processed, routed, encoded, and released for payment quickly and seamlessly.

All documents can be accessed electronically — securely hosted in a shared-services center with all related purchasing, invoicing, receiving, and payment information — which reduces processing times, decreases errors, and boosts operational efficiency across your entire organization.

EDI Integration

Our secure and validated electronic data interchange transforms how you work with your largest suppliers so that invoices can be uploaded in a large scale way, yet still can be treated like individual invoices.

While hundreds of invoices can be submitted by your large suppliers at one time, each of those invoices is handled by our automation as if it were submitted individually, meaning each invoice will be validated, routed, and sent to payment. Each invoice can be viewed by suppliers and AP processors at any time, and any variances can be handled according to your business rules, ensuring a complete and accurate invoicing process.

Intelligent Document Processing

In order to achieve 100% invoice automation, we make sure every type of invoice can be captured, validated, and processed including scanned images and PDFs. For suppliers who prefer not to submit electronic documents, Direct Commerce offers a cost-effective hosted imaging service. This service ensures that any paper or PDF documents received will be scanned, indexed, and entered so data can be accessed by your team electronically. Once invoice data is captured and validated, an imaged invoice can flow through your process in the unified AP environment provided by Direct Commerce.

Help Desk and Support

If your suppliers have questions, Direct Commerce offers a comprehensive knowledge base with articles and videos, making it easy to self-service issues that arise. For more in-depth inquiries, our customer support is available for direct assistance.

Enterprise AP Automation

As organizations grow, AP departments are faced with meeting the demands of more vendors, more invoices, and quicker turnaround times.

Direct Commerce’s AP automation solutions offer the scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises.

Built for Global Impact

Tailored solutions for the world’s Largest companies.

Transactions Annually
Spend Under Management Annually
Supplier Countries

Benefits of Automating Your AP with Direct Commerce

  • Drive supplier self-sufficiency and on-time payments with a supplier portal.
  • Facilitate productive collaboration with supplier workflows.
  • Ensure complete visibility of invoice and payment status as well as a full audit trail of all transactions.
  • Eliminate paper processing and provide real-time, accurate information.
  • Easily integrate with ERP systems.
  • Drive usage and adoption with DCI’s integrated campaigns to contact suppliers, communicate the correct messages, and negotiate optimal payment terms.

AP Automation FAQs

What is AP automation?

AP automation is the process by which the manual processes of accounts payables are replaced by automated, digital technology.

How does AP automation work?

AP automation works by taking the manual functions out of the accounts payable process and replacing them with automated, digital technology. This could include automated invoice capture of all invoice types, automating workflows and approvals processes, using technology to match and verify PO and invoice information, automating payments, and more.

Why use AP automation software?

The goal of AP automation is to reduce costs and enhance relationships with suppliers by digitally transforming the way you collaborate, interact, and transact with your supplier community in the accounts payables process.

How to automate AP processing?

There are many areas in which AP processes can be automated. This includes digitalizing invoice submission with e-invoicing, automating workflows, encoding and approvals, automatically matching and verifying invoice, PO information, and receipt information. To truly automate, you should be examining all aspects of supplier collaboration in your AP process.

How much does AP automation software cost?

For pricing on a solution custom-suited to your organization’s needs, you need an expert who knows AP best practices and can quickly understand your business needs. Please reach out to one of our AP automation experts here.

How does AP automation software help to scale business?

By removing manual work from your AP processes, you are saving costs and freeing up human capital hours - both of which can be put to higher value uses to scale your business. As your business grows, so does the amount of transactions. This means more accounts payables work – more invoices, more payments, and more disputes to resolve. Having a solution that scales rapidly as your needs change is key.

Can AP automation software find duplicate payments?

Yes. While human processes can lead to incorrect data inputs, resulting in duplicate payments or overpayment, discrepancies like these are caught during validation and verification in our automated processes.

How does AP software handle tax compliance?

Direct Commerce facilitates tax compliance by:

  • Ensuring complete and accurate VAT invoices (non-US) so that those
    invoices can then be used for VAT tax reclaim
  • Enabling access to data for audit review purposes
  • Receiving "pre-clearance" VAT-compliant electronic invoices from
    government entities (e.g. SDICoop in Italy)
  • Calculating and accruing Sales and Use taxes (US) for proper remittance to
    local US tax authorities

Does AP automation software integrate with ERP systems?

Direct Commerce’s AP automation solutions are ERP-agnostic and can be customized to integrate with every customer’s technology stack.

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