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Let Your Working Capital Work Harder

Direct Commerce solutions give treasurers complete control and visibility, along with powerful ways to generate millions of dollars of direct savings each year.

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Solution Highlights

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Payment Remittance & Execution

Our payment remittance solution uploads payment information from your financial system or banking partner, to update the status of invoices online.

Electronic payments and remittances are superior to checks for both buyers and suppliers. Your suppliers get faster access to cash, while you eliminate paper, reduce manual processes and payment fees, and increase security.

  • Reduce bank fees and postage costs
  • Reduce invoice processing from months or weeks down to minutes
  • Link all payment management activities to your existing ERP
  • Use a single payment run to eliminate batch processing, approvals, and multiple payment executions 
  • Increase security through password-protected access for authorized users and robust audit trail reporting

Early Payments

One of the most transformative and rewarding aspects of source-to-pay (S2P) automation, early payment on approved supplier invoices is a win-win that results in faster payments for suppliers and higher returns for you.

  • Dynamic discounting allows for variable discounts, depending on the early payment date, the amount accelerated, and remaining cash balances.
  • Bank-financed discounts enable a third party to purchase unpaid invoices from your suppliers at a discount. When you pay the invoices according to your standard terms, the investor makes a profit on the spread. With Direct Commerce, you can manage all your bank-financed discounts in a secure, web-hosted environment. 

Whether you choose dynamic discounting, bank-financed discounts, or both, the experts at Direct Commerce will help you design a program that ensures supplier buy-in, based on our proven track record of success.

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