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Webinar: 5 Questions to Ask When Building World-Class P2P Automation


on-demand webinar with Direct Commerce and GES about building world-class P2P AutomationWatch our on-demand webinar with sharedserviceslink (SSL), and financial technology leaders from Direct Commerce and GES, to find out what it really takes to be world-class in P2P automation.

P2P automation offers enterprises the chance to take on their most complex processes, making them easier for your team while delivering results that drive your business forward. So what does it take to build world-class automation at your enterprise?

Watch our webinar now & download the key takeaway slides where we dive deep into:

· The top 5 questions you need to ask when building world-class P2P automation

· How to prepare your team and set high-impact KPIs for your automation project

· Enterprise-tested methods of improving supplier adoption of e-invoicing and overcoming the common objections

Earlier this year, Direct Commerce published research in partnership with sharedserviceslink on the state of the P2P automation industry. We reference this research during our webinar, so check it out here

If you're building a new solution or building on your current enterprise automation, watch our discussion and download our slides to find out how to overcome common pain points and move from the status-quo to world-class. (And book a consultation today to find out how to build YOUR best P2P automation solution.)

Webinar: Building Real P2P Solutions for the World Ahead


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Watch our webinar with SSON where industry experts Bruce Hanavan, Scott Engelking and Jill Robbins discuss their experiences implementing Procure to Pay solutions for global Fortune 100 companies.

In this webinar, panelists discuss “fact versus fiction” in P2P and explore the opportunities and pitfalls in automating the different aspects of Procure to Pay solutions. Together, we look at real world experiences with Sourcing and Procurement, AP Automation, and Supplier Enablement, and talk about how to plan for the future of P2P technology.


Webinar: What are the Shortcomings in P2P Automation?


Copy of Copy of Copy of What are the shortcomings in P2P automation_ (1)Watch our on-demand webinar with sharedserviceslink (SSL) to see the results of our joint research study on the shortcomings of P2P Automation. Our webinar answers important questions like:

- What aspects of P2P technology have been disappointing to users?
- Where are the areas AP and P2P professionals are most looking to improve?
- How can you overcome these obstacles to get the most out of P2P automation?

Watch the recording & download the full report now!

A Springboard for Successful AP Automation

Watch our expert webinar where we show you —through real-life examples and best practices guidelines— how to create an efficient, touchless environment by eliminating paper and embracing automation. You’ll learn how:

  • Supplier portals reduce disputes and time-consuming inquiries
  • eInvoicing improves productivity and frees up resources
  • Early payments can save your business millions of dollars a year