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Looking Forward: P2P Trends in 2017

By The Direct Commerce Team

As 2017 quickly gets underway, now is the time to kick-start new projects and build upon last year’s momentum. As you start this cycle, remember to consider these key P2P trends forecast this year.

Procure-to-Pay Automation Trends

1. Innovation through customer Service

The 3 main automation goals for companies are to reduce costs, process more efficiently while increasing data quality and improve business relationships. In order to meet these goals, customers need agile and extendable technology that continuously scales as they grow. At Direct Commerce, our technology is a means to achieve these goals rapidly, and our superior service is the key to creating long-term relationships that optimize business processes as your company grows. As our clients gain more suppliers and expand their business model, we serve them through skilled support teams and account managers. We see it as essential to focus on customer satisfaction while at the same time innovate by solving our clients’ new challenges as their business models evolve.

2. configurable automation solutions

Strategically, companies are prioritizing and implementing P2P self-service tools. They are looking for flexible customizable products that adapt to their process so they don’t have to change their business practices. For automation technology to be worthwhile, it must be easy and integrate with a company’s business ERP seamlessly. Direct Commerce’s platform enables this type of configuration, making it a best-of-breed solution that creates self-service P2P solutions for its users.

3. enhanced reporting & ANALYTICS

Data is fast becoming the driving force behind decisions for most global companies. We are seeing an increase in the reliance on real-time data to reduce costs, discover inefficiencies and drive business intelligence. The challenge now is how to ensure that the data is reliable and effective. This year, analytics solutions will be the primary distinction for many companies when considering e-Invoicing solutions, so we have a keen focus on delivering next generation data-rich reporting and analytics.

4. Streamlining Security

Because data is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, information security is a high priority—especially when implementing cloud technology. In 2017, we are seeing corporations opt for the superior "private cloud" approach as opposed to the less secure "public cloud" solution that can possibly leave you open to security threats.  And, with the ever-changing security landscape, customers are gaining a strategic advantage using a proven cloud service provider, like Direct Commerce, because we monitor and upgrade our platform to prevent viruses, zero-day attacks, and other threats.

Implementing technology solutions can be a moving target, but with the best people and product platform, companies can stay ahead of the curve. This year, as with every year, we leverage the best people and our flexible platform to innovate and service our customers. Our team is always striving to provide best-of-breed solutions that solve emerging new issues for businesses as they grow.  As we reflect on last year’s industry trends, our customer successes, and continuing product development we look forward to new innovation and progress in 2017.

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