Direct Commerce Platform enables eInvoicing with Italian Government

2 MIN READ Direct Commerce successfully integrates with SDI facilitating fully automated electronic invoicing for B2B Enterprise in Italy.  

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[Webinar] VAT Compliance & Touchless eInvoicing on a Global Scale

February 8, 2019 eInvoicing, Global, Supplier Portal

How did a $22 billion pharmaceutical company build and launch a more efficient GBS P2P Process by deploying a global tax-compliant supplier portal?

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Ardent Partners Briefing on Direct Commerce

  2 MIN READ By Bob Cohen, Research Director at Ardent Partners   The Ardent Partners ePayables Research team recently met with leaders from Direct Commerce, the ...

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VAT Compliance and Dynamic Discounting

December 5, 2018 eInvoicing, Global

Value-Added Tax, otherwise known as VAT, can be a confusing area to broach when handling dynamic discounting. VAT is currently the most widely used consumption tax, ...

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Italy's eInvoicing Mandate: Small Businesses Get Extra Time

October 31, 2018 eInvoicing, Global

2 MIN READ By LARA NOGUEIRA, Regulatory Counsel at Sovos TrustWeaver, a Direct Commerce Partner Company Companies struggling to meet Italy’s electronic invoicing ...

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