What is SaaS+

2 MIN READ By Billy Williams, CTO at Direct Commerce. SaaS-based product companies deliver low cost solutions that are quick-to-deploy and scalable. A typical SaaS ...

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6 Ways to Align Procurement and Accounts Payable

January 2, 2019 eInvoicing, Workflow

When we think of the words optimization or improvement, our minds tend to gravitate towards the marketing department of an organization. Procurement and accounts ...

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Six Best Practices to Boost eInvoicing Adoption

December 12, 2018 eInvoicing, Vendor Management, Workflow

While the benefits of switching to eInvoicing are obvious to most business managers, actualexecution can be slow and frustrating. Migrating to paperless processes ...

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The Digital Workforce Influence on Shared Service Centers

November 7, 2018 eInvoicing, Workflow, Automation

4 MIN READ What is a Digital Workforce?  If you are in Shared Services, you are hearing this term all the time – most likely asking yourself: What is it exactly and how ...

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Play the Global Business Services Long Game

October 24, 2018 eInvoicing, Workflow

Transformation happens over time but companies and people have short attention spans – so how do you tackle that conflict? The answer is to have a clear vision, align ...

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