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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an AP Automation Partner

By Alan Flohr, Vice President of Sales at Direct Commerce

Follow this quick guide to get the answers you need to make your AP Automation a success

Procure-to-pay Trends Impacting Your Company

Pay to Procure (P2P) is a model that has always come in handy for an array of organizations across the globe when it comes to the acquisition of goods and services on a timely basis. We are in the...

eInvoicing—Now in Italy

Direct Commerce successfully integrates with SDI facilitating fully automated electronic invoicing for B2B Enterprise in Italy.  

The FUD Factor: Don't Let Them Scare You

When large corporations respond slowly to sales pitches, some vendors employ tactics of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (“FUD”) to try to motivate the company to make a decision.  Don’t let this happen...