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Technology Is Your New Best Friend

Technology is no longer seen as an end tool; technology is seen as the key to process improvement. When surveyed by a moderator at the Finance Transformation Conference in Dallas about cloud technology, almost 100% of the participants raised their hands stating they would not have a problem moving to the cloud.

Cloud technologies enable faster transformation, force process standardization, and provide easy integration and flexible reporting. This is why companies like WorkDay are expecting 4X growth in the financial markets; the new emphasis on data and analytics is becoming the norm.

robot_human hand in heart shapeTechnology allows you to make transformation your new norm. Not convinced? Well, then start small with a pilot, so you can get a quick win. When the pilot is successful, find ways to accelerate that success and make that change the new norm. Some even stated it is time to start thinking like a Consumer. Consumers have Apps, mobility, and lots and lots of options. So should your business.

During the conference and in our discussions with finance leaders, it became clear that technological advancement is the obvious next step for many teams. Through this innovation, finance leaders can find the catalysts for change, create self-funding business models, and drive transformation throughout their organizations.

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Topics: eInvoicing, Workflow