To Bot or Not to Bot - Is that the only question?

What does “digital disruption” really mean? Finance thought-leader Marie Myers shares her thoughts at the North American Shared Services Summit.

Five Reasons Why SaaS Tech is a Great Investment

Read about five reason for moving to cloud computing and empowering your team to focus on doing their actual jobs vs. wasting time with admin tasks.

Supply Chain Finance vs. Dynamic Discounting

If you are a Shared Services Manager, you should be looking to optimize your supply chain working capital. The same goes for those in Supply Chain, Accounts Payable, or Treasury. Your goals are to move to electronic payment methods while extending Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and capturing discounts on your payments.

The Digital Workforce Influence on Shared Service Centers

What is a Digital Workforce? If you are in Shared Services, you are hearing this term all the time – most likely asking yourself: What is it exactly and how will it impact me?

Ready for the eInvoicing and VAT Mandate in Italy?

Italy is leading the way in Europe by mandating electronic invoicing (eInvoicing) for companies established in and doing business within Italy’s borders.

Calculating the Full Value of AP Automation - Factors for Consideration

Virtually every business that adopts and successfully deploys best-of-breed AP automation technology sees a quick and clear return on investment.

3 Keys to Optimizing Shared Services Performance

Corporations have lofty expectations of their shared services teams. Gone are the days of justifying projects based on cost reduction only; today, shared service leaders are being asked to reduce costs, improve processes, and drive revenue growth.

Protecting Your Data through Automation

One of the important ways P2P Automation is helping companies stay secure is through encrypted supplier portals. One of the important ways P2P Automation is helping companies stay secure is through encrypted supplier portals. As regional locations and online points of access becomes more abstract, companies need to make sure they are using a safe and secure automated system for their company’s AP process.

Global SSCs: Top 5 Considerations for Automation Success

According to a Finance Shared Service Benchmarking Study conducted by ScottMadden and the American Productivity and Quality Center, 75% of participant organizations’ identified global procure-to-pay process expansion as their most important goal for the future.

The Business Case for AP Automation

Need a Supplier Portal, eInvoicing, or Dynamic Discounting? Learn how to create the business case for your company with this helpful eBook!

Why Dispute Resolution Is an Easier Road

Payment disputes between you and your suppliers can be costly and create frustration; but this process can be automated and streamlined.  Learn how...

7 Ways Electronic Invoicing Can Slash Your Operating Costs

Looking to cut operating costs? Learn how electronic invoicing can save your company money, improve your supplier relationships, and become your platform for rapid change  ...

Direct Commerce and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to all organizations that handle data on EU citizens — regardless of where the organizations are based.

3 Options for Secure Procure-to-Pay Solutions

Not all P2P Automation deployments are the same. Make sure you understand the security implications of the server model you deploy....

Integrate and Automate for Optimum Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. The right technology can help you increase your free cash flow and improve corporate value...

The ROI for AP Automation

Industry benchmarks reveal that the business case for AP automation is more compelling now than ever before. Companies are now processing a record number of invoices - ...

Direct Commerce Expands its P2P Platform in EMEA

Enhanced EU tax compliance, broader language and support capabilities, expanded global transactions templates.

Direct Commerce Becomes Oracle Gold Level Partner

Direct Commerce, a global leading provider of cloud-based SaaS P2P solutions, announced that it has achieved Gold Partner status in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). By ...

Implementing Robotic Process Automation in AP Processes

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the newest development in business process automation and is taking the industry by storm - in fact, a study conducted by Boston ...

The Impact of AI on Procurement - a Gartner Report

According to a recent report conducted by Gartner, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies will add significant value if provided with the right platform, so ...

Can there be "too much change"?

Learn more about the best practices for change management in this P2P webinar...

The Shift to Global, Automated Shared Services Operations - a ScottMadden Report

The results of the benchmarking study conducted by ScottMadden and the American Productivity and Quality Center across seventeen different industry segments indicate ...

Stricter VAT Compliance Drives the Need for P2P Automation

According to a Grant Thornton survey, 45% of CFOs say the #1 challenge to company growth is the increasing costs of compliance. This is becoming more and more ...

Successful P2P Change Management

Instinctively, every business manager knows what it takes to make change happen. It is obvious that a skilled, motivated team in a department receptive to change using ...

Automation is the Key to Clean, Current Vendor Data

High-quality vendor master data is the key to taking your shared services performance to the next level because it allows your company to capture the full benefits of ...

Looking Forward: P2P Trends Going Forward

If your processes are not automated yet, now is the time to kick-start your digital revolution. As you start this cycle, remember to consider these key ...

10 Secrets to Doing Dynamic Discounting Right

If you get dynamic discounting right, you can be saving your company $13 million per billion of spend. This webinar presents 10 useful secrets to help your journey.

The 5 Step Guide to Calculating AP Automation ROI

Are you still processing invoices via email? It's time to digitize your process so you can analyze your data in real-time and make faster decisions....

Successful P2P Change Management

Why do P2P change management initiatives fail? What are the elements of a successful plan? And, how do you overcome big hurdles?

VAT Compliance: eInvoicing as a Best Practice

The harmonization of electronic invoicing in the European Union has made it easier than ever to streamline invoice processing whilst remaining tax compliant. Watch the webinar...

The Business Case for AP Automation

Companies are processing a record number of invoices – nearly 500 billion worldwide according to various studies - with most of these invoices being processed manually.

Supplier Portals: Data Security & Access Whitepaper

Make sure you consider data security and user access controls when deploying a Procure-to-Pay (P2P) automation solution. Learn how in this whitepaper...

Finance Transformation

The recent Finance Transformation Forum included two intensive days with over 100 leading transformation executives sharing best practices, innovate and solving common challenges.

Optimizing Supplier Discounts

When organizations begin to research strategies for optimizing supplier, discounts, the phrase “dynamic discounting” often surfaces. 

SAP Certification

San Francisco, CA Feb. 22, 2018 - Direct Commerce (DCI) renewed its SAP certification and its commitment to helping IT departments automate the exchange of data between their SAP systems and Direct Commerce.