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Direct Commerce Works Hard to Make Our Technology Easy on You

Built for the Internet using current and emerging standards, SaaS technology from Direct Commerce accommodates a broad range of connectivity protocols and data formats, minimizing the number of changes you need to make to your back-end ERP system.

Our solutions can be tailored to fit your needs and leverage your existing internal infrastructure. While Direct Commerce solutions are ERP-system agnostic, our experts keep current certifications for Oracle and SAP.

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IT teams appreciate the benefits of working with Direct Commerce:



Our applications maintain your current code base, while configuring workflows, field validation, document structure, and look and feel.

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All of our platform components are designed with redundancy and fail-over in mind. Our systems and applications eliminate single points of failure.



Benefit from end-to-end network encryption, hardened security gateways, active threat detection, and authorizations for all system requests. You may also choose Client Certificates, SecurID, or Biometrics for enhanced security.



The Direct Commerce platform supports additional capacity in advance of demand, as your business needs evolve.



Direct Commerce is available 24/7, with advance notice of scheduled maintenance windows. Our U.S.-based support team provides round-the-clock network monitoring, failure notification, and escalation services.



Direct Commerce continuously tracks activity by logging and auditing all business and system events. All information is permanently documented and accessible to all users.



Using distributable technologies at every platform tier, Direct Commerce can handle billions of global transactions at the same time.


Standards Support

Direct Commerce contributes to standards-setting bodies, such as Sandia Labs and the ANSI X.12 Committees, and publishes detailed specifications so customers can choose the access methods that meet their needs.

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Direct Commerce Implementation—As Easy as 1-2-3

Our simplified, three-phase process guides individuals, teams, and organizations towards source-to-pay (S2P) efficiency and effectiveness as seamlessly as possible. Here’s how it works:


1. Adapt a Solution

Our modular technology architecture lets us develop a tailored solution and deployment plan that meets your specific business needs, based on a thoughtful understanding of your back-end systems and processes, data integration requirements, user rules, and onboarding goals.


2. Onboard Suppliers

Direct Commerce makes it easy for suppliers of all sizes to submit transactions and communicate more effectively, with very little training. Our dedicated Customer Success team tracks your progress against company goals, assesses next steps, and conducts detailed reporting to ensure continuous improvement.


3. Scale with Your Business

As your needs change, our flexible solutions can grow with you. Whether you’re adding new suppliers or adopting more of our solutions in different departments, Direct Commerce is with you every step of the way.

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Ready to Go? Let’s Make Sure of it

Our Ready-to-Go Program is a fast-track set of interviews, goal-setting exercises, and assessments that makes it easy to prepare for a successful S2P automation implementation. For a minimal investment, our experts can set you up for success and conduct a proof of concept to ensure maximum buy-in.

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