With Direct Commerce’s SaaS-based delivery, customers can choose a rapid implementation and reduce costs by making a minimal IT commitment.

Direct Commerce’s veteran technology team has created a robust procure-to-pay platform to automate our Fortune 1000 customers’ supplier communities.

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Our secure, cloud-based suite of tools provides companies such as Home Depot and Eli Lilly with an easy-to-use interface, including electronic invoicing, discount management, dispute resolution, vendor management, high volume EDI services, and more.

Our core infrastructure guarantees performance, reliability, scalability, flexibility and security—all in a controlled, continually audited environment. 


    We offer a dynamic configuration of applications without requiring any modification of customers’ code bases. We built our system knowing that many companies face similar problems while automating their Procure-to-Pay systems and we have created a solution that configures details such as workflow, field validation, document structure and even the look and feel of the platform to accommodate specific company business processes.


    All platform components are designed with redundancy and fail-over in mind. Systems and applications are designed to eliminate single points of failure.

  • Security

    We assure secure operation through the use of end-to-end network encryption, hardened security gateways, active threat detection, and authorizations for all system requests. Direct Commerce’s customers may also choose the option of adding Client Certificates, SecurID or Biometrics for enhanced security.

  • Scalability

    The Direct Commerce platform design supports adding capacity in advance of demand. Our components are designed to support expanding the user base and increasing workloads as needs evolve.


    Direct Commerce is available 24×7 with advance notice of scheduled maintenance windows. Direct Commerce provides around-the-clock network monitoring, failure notification and escalation.


    We continuously log and audit all business and system events to track system activity. Events are easily accessible to users and all information is visible and can’t be altered.

  • Performance

    Direct Commerce ensures speed and capability through our powerful, high-end platform components. Our system can handle your company's peak operating times with ease and efficiency, through our distributable technologies at every platform tier.

  • A SaaS Model

    Direct Commerce’s SaaS model allows for rapid implementation and minimal IT investment from our customers. We can customize all of our solutions to meet your company’s specific business needs.

  • Standards support

    Direct Commerce supports and encourages the use of industry standard technologies. We actively contribute to standards-setting bodies such as Sandia Labs and the ANSI X.12 Committees, and we publish detailed specifications for interfaces into our systems so customers can choose the access methods that meet their needs.

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