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Earn Early Payment Discounts from Your Suppliers

Working capital is one of the best ways to measure both the efficiency and the financial health of your company. It’s a key indicator of the operating liquidity available to your organization.

In the ebbs and flows of our global economy, it’s more critical than ever for companies to maximize value from idle working capital. Using Direct Commerce’s Discount Management solution is one of the tools that help you optimize your working capital – providing an excellent, no-risk way to improve earnings while ensuring there is sufficient cash flow for paying day-to-day bills or longer-term obligations in the form of maturing debt.

 Earn Money with Direct Commerce Dynamic Discounting

Where else can you get an 18% risk-free return on your investment? How can your company accelerate collecting revenue and turning over inventory? How can you better manage your cash flow?

Direct Commerce’s Discount Management solution empowers corporate treasurers to get the best possible return on working capital.  Your company can save millions of dollars each year simply by leveraging relationships with existing suppliers.

By offering greatly increased control over the timing and terms of supplier payments, Direct Commerce Discount Management helps companies speed up cash generation. And it’s a far less expensive way to bolster your bottom line.

Direct Commerce’s Discount Management solutions set global parameters that allow you to pay your suppliers sooner. We make it easier for you to manage the process because once you set payment terms and parameters, the system handles it all for you. Costly, inefficient paper-based processes and manual data-entry activities become a thing of the past. You gain visibility through a month-by-month breakdown of the total sum of your discounts.

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