eInvoicing: The Complete Guide for B2B Enterprise

January 9, 2019 eInvoicing, Automation

eInvoicing is becoming increasingly common, with many companies today only accepting electronic invoices. Offering greater efficiency and higher data visibility, ...

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Earn Early Payment Discounts from Your Suppliers

Working capital is one of the best ways to measure both the efficiency and the financial health of your company. It’s a key indicator of the operating liquidity ...

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To Bot or Not to Bot - Is that the only question?

November 28, 2018 News, eInvoicing, Automation, RPA

2 MIN READ “If you do not digitally transform your business, then someone else will do it for you.” - Marie Myers, Director, Global Controller, HP Inc. I recently heard ...

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Five Reasons Why SaaS technology is a Great Investment

By Mark Rhyman 2 MIN READ As a business leader, you have an obligation to commit to the best, most secure, valuable and accessible tools that allow your team to focus on ...

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The Digital Workforce Influence on Shared Service Centers

November 7, 2018 eInvoicing, Workflow, Automation

4 MIN READ What is a Digital Workforce?  If you are in Shared Services, you are hearing this term all the time – most likely asking yourself: What is it exactly and how ...

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